The Importance Of Self-Care For Men

I’m immensely glad that you decided to read this blog because plenty of men associate the word self-care with a feminine practice. Be honest; what’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear self-care – a spa day, bubble bath, or other pampering activities? Well, did you know that working out at the gym is also a form of self-care? Did I catch your attention? Don’t worry; if gym workouts aren’t your forte, there are many other self-care practices that you can follow. We’ll be getting there. First, let’s understand the importance of self-care for men.

Normalizing Self-Care For Men
A few things that every man has heard growing up are “Boys don’t cry” and “Man up!” These words reflect toxic masculinity and can cause men to suppress or avoid their emotions, which is never a good thing. Depression is a major risk factor in suicide, and suicide, in turn, is a leading cause of death in men.
Let’s stop associating self-care with only women and understand that it is important for everyone’s mental health, regardless of gender. Let’s rise above gender stereotypes.

Self-Care Activities & Their Benefits
Following self-care practices has numerous advantages, such as developing self-confidence. Read on to find out!

1.Exercise & Yoga

Practising yoga regularly relaxes the mind, sharpens concentration, and creates mental clarity and calmness, while exercising helps overcome self-esteem issues, improves cognitive performance, and reduces anxiety and depression. Choose a certain time of the day and reserve it for exercise or yoga!

2.Positive Affirmations

Rewire your brain to overcome self-damaging negative thoughts with the power of positive affirmations. Practising them can make long-lasting changes to the way you think and feel and decrease health-deteriorating stress. Regularly write these affirmations down in a journal or repeat them aloud while facing a mirror to make them increasingly effective.


Journaling is simply writing in your personal diary. It’s a wonderful way to relieve stress and is like talking to yourself. You let go of your feelings, emotions, and ideas in a book that you know will never judge you. You can also jot down your goals, measure your progress, and hold yourself accountable. Eventually, journaling will become a hobby for you!

4.Nighttime Routine

You’re probably thinking why you should even care about a nighttime routine. Isn’t it as simple as laying on your bed and falling asleep? Nope. I’ve kept this for the last because it’s the most important part of self-care and often underrated. A good night of sleep helps to boost energy, assists in weight management, improves productivity, makes you look fresh and handsome, and the list goes on.
Here are some things you can include:

  • Skincare Routine: Again, this is not just for women. Men should take care of their skin too! At the very least, wash your face and don’t forget to apply moisturizer before you hit the sheets!
  • Optimal Sleep Environment: Creating a relaxing atmosphere can do wonders for your sleep. Some methods include using a weighted blanket, sipping herbal tea, and listening to calming music.
  • Essential Oils: They provide countless benefits, such as overcoming insomnia and sleep problems to deliver the best night of sleep! Utilizing an essential oil diffuser can be the magical potion you didn’t know you needed!

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