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45 min Call

This initial call is completely free! We'll learn where you are currently, where you want to be, and how to get there together! If you've been looking for a mindset coach, your quest ends here!


After this complementary session, if you feel satisfied enough that you don't think you require any further package but still want to partake in sessions now and then, please feel free to contact me for charges of individual sessions.

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3 Hours Package

Are you already highly motivated but need clarity to identify your goals and how to accomplish them? Then this is the perfect package for you! Too often, I hear people say, "I want to change careers at 40," but think they're too old. Let's shed light on what you think is restricting you and how to transform these limitations into opportunities!


This package comprises three 60 minute sessions or two 90 minute sessions completed over one week. Warning: Only go ahead with this if you're ready to open your eyes to the real you!

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12 Weeks Package

Is the pressure of life getting so constricting that you find yourself struggling to work out long-term goals such as weight loss for women? If your answer is yes, then this package has been created for you! You will learn how to let go of fear, change your mindset, and structure your time. Are you ready to sharpen your focus to reach your goals faster?


This package involves 12 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each. Together, let's create good long-lasting habits, which will help you stay on track with your goals!

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24 Weeks Package

Are you looking to make colossal shifts from where you are currently by accepting and understanding your past and are willing to put in work to create long-lasting changes such as building self-esteem? Then get set to transform and thrive as the most marvellous version of yourself!


This package offers 24 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each. Warning: Only go ahead with this if you're ready to dig deep to reveal the root cause of what's holding you back!

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— About Me

Hello there, nice to meet you!

I help individuals transform into the best version of themselves.

Always remember that a butterfly begins its life as a caterpillar. You may have so many beautiful colours in your life that you may not yet have the clarity of vision to see.

I’m Benaifer Kolah, and my passion lies in helping you realize yours! I provide life coaching services worldwide for people from all walks of life, and I would be immensely honoured to assist you in your journey to achieving your life goals.

BenaiferK Coaching

Years of

Dreams That I Have Helped Bring To Life

There is nothing more precious to me than their joy.
"BenaiferK Coaching has supported me in making noteworthy progress in my life. Benaifer's thoughtfulness, generosity, and professionalism made it easier for me to handle and face my fears and emotions. I am grateful that I took up these coaching sessions to help myself deal with some of the challenges I was facing in my life. Thanks, Benaifer."
Sophie Taylor
"Benaifer Kolah's Life Coaching helped to put me on the path to the right career for me by exploring several possibilities based on my interests, which I never thought of before. I highly appreciate the positive reinforcement it added to my life. Benaifer is extremely motivating and she guided me in developing my personality to a great extent."
Alex Walker
"Working with Benaifer has been such a gift for me. It has been very helpful to catch a glimpse of myself through someone else's eyes and realize (and own!) my success. I have been so busy doing the work that I neglected to see and accept the results. She has also helped me identify some of the things which are blocking my path to future success and growth. I would highly recommend Benaifer as a personal coach. She is insightful, kind and its obvious that she really enjoys her work."
Melissa C
"Life Coaching with Benaifer has been transformative for not only me but those around me as well. She helped me skillfully tackle and navigate the troubled waters of years of discord in the relationship with my mother. While being patient and empathetic, Benaifer was also targeted in the “coaching”. Putting behind several decades unresolved conflict, I am now finally at peace with my maternal parent due to the guidance and insight of Benaifer."
Cyrus Irani
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The initial 45 mins call is free! So don't wait. Don't think. Just book a call. Your future starts today!
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Create Lasting Changes
From building motivation to sticking to a weight loss plan to organizing and structuring your life, form long-lasting habits which will last for life.


A certified life coach is someone qualified to support, encourage, challenge, and inspire you to achieve your goals. A personal life coach is a good active listener that can pick up what you’re really thinking from your voice and will facilitate you to take actions to move towards all of your self-development goals. They will celebrate your victories, assist you in figuring out how to overcome hindrances, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and empower you to propel yourself ahead at a far swifter pace than you could accomplish on your own. All of this would lead to the ultimate aim of the achievement of your self-development goals and discovering a much more content and satisfying life.

The tools and techniques used by a career coach are entirely the same for a personal life coach. However, one major difference is that with a life coach, you would be focusing on a specific part of your life or several areas that you want to improve, whereas with a career coach (as the name suggests), you would be focusing solely on your career. In practice, our careers have a considerable impact on most areas of our lives. Choosing a certified life coach who specializes as a career coach has a significant advantage for those striving to accomplish any personal development plans.

Most therapists diagnose and treat dysfunction and abnormality, while coaches typically work from a position of strength with the client. Clients who complain about or exhibit signs of mental health issues such as violence, substance abuse, severe depression, anxiety, or developmental disorders are best treated by a medical or psychological professional. A life coach is more of an empowerment coach and focuses on positive personal potential rather than problems or dysfunctions.

A life coach helps you focus on exactly what you want to achieve and helps get you there faster. We go through life constantly busy ‘doing things,’ but very rarely do we stop and consider our future and where we want to be. With the assistance of a life coach who is 100% dedicated to you and your future, you can do just that. They will not only listen to you but also support, motivate, and embolden you to stay focused. Through their experience and expertise, you will be able to recognize options available to you that you may not have considered before.

Not at all. Anyone from the age of 18 or higher can hire a life coach. If younger people are interested, parental consent would be required. Parents may also suggest coaching for their children.

Life coaching sessions typically last 50-60 minutes. These sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on the needs of the client as well as how much time they can invest.


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